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Digital Storytelling

The Process

Digital storytelling: an inclusive tool and post-pandemic healing methodology

School people have been facing a socio-emotional and learning crisis and students’ increasing lack of empathy, motivation and enthusiasm. The situation is getting worse due to the pandemic effects...

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Digital Storytelling Impact

Testimonials and Purpose

impact of digital storytelling on storyteller and spectator

purpose and importance of digital storytelling

digital storytelling as a tool for learning a language

delivering a digital storytelling workshop


Through Digital Storytelling

Correlation between creativity and digital storytelling

Crafting a digital story builds communication between the story teller and audience increases the visual and sound literacy...

script writing in the classroom

writing therapy as an icebreaker

how to foster creativity


Causes and Effects

Possible effects of bullying

Bullying has been linked to numerous negative effects, both short and long-term...

different types of bullying

In general, bullying is repetitive and habitual. - Perception by the bully of being in a position of power over the victim...

defining bullying

different types of bullying

what bullying leads to



and Emotional Intelligence

what is empathy

what is emotional intelligence

why is empathy important

how to represent emotions


and how our brain works

Fear responses in the brain

Anxiety is a natural response to stressful events, which we physically see, hear, feel, smell, or even imagine...

what is anxiety

skills and tools against anxiety

Social Exclusion

and what it leads to


Exclusion and more specifically social exclusion stems from the denial of recognition on the part of a group of people of ‘the other or others’ exactly due do his/her alterity...

what is social exclusion

what social exclusion leads to

Social Inclusion

and diversity


Inclusion as a concept that finds expression in the whole spectrum of social relations, stems from the principle of moral equality...

what is social inclusion

how to create a safe environment


Creating an Inclusive e-Learning Platform

E-learning platforms are a wonderful way to provide education and development opportunities to address the needs of the ever-growing and diverse groups of people….

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