8 partner organisations are collaborating on the SOLIS Project from across Europe:

Loughborough University

Throughout its history Loughborough University has built upon its distinctive characteristics. Today it is one of the country’s leading universities, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business and industry and unrivalled sporting achievement.

The Storytelling Academy at Loughborough University is an interdisciplinary research team based at the School of Design and Creative Arts.

Applied Storytelling has become a key research strength at Loughborough over the past five years and one where we have an international reputation for excellence.


Storytelling Academy 

main University website 


E Consultants

E Consultants (Norway) is a network of freelance consultants with complementary and reinforcing expertise within:

Cyberbullying, Digital skills for children, teenagers, parents and professionals, Development of teaching platforms, Marketing communication, Digital media communication and Management of cross-cultural educational projects.

We have worked in partnership with NGOs, Universities and commercial entities from Germany, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Bulgaria, Hungary and Norway.


AcrossLimits is a dynamic Maltese technology research and consulting SME with its roots firmly derived from the innovation and ICT sectors. Throughout these past 19 years, the company has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in various European Union programmes, by participating in over 60 EU funded projects. As strong networkers, we have built a vast network over our years of presence on the European stage.

We can put you in touch with governments, businesses, NGOs and academia, building partnerships that work. Our expertise now covers eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, entrepreneurship and web development. We’re also proud to be a multicultural, multilingual company with employees from several countries. This makes us good at collaborating abroad, in Europe and beyond.

Research Paths

RESEARCH PATHS is a non-profit company about training, educational and cultural activities. It’s aim is to provide knowledge through constant research and develop innovative educational and cultural projects.Founded in 2013, RESEARCH PATHS aims to provide a platform and establishing a net work of highly qualified people (academics, Ph.D. holders and professionals) who wish to combine their skills and experiences and participates in international, national and European projects providing research, administration and management services.

In order to expand it’s professional field, RESEARCH PATHS collaborates with significant/other European institutions, as well as academics, who are able to promote educational and cultural ideas.

European Learning Centre

European Learning Centre belongs to a network of four training centres in the rural area of the Cadiz Mountains in Southern Spain and a management office in Madrid, Spain. Their chief areas of training are in language learning, ICT, and professional training. Our institutions work primarily with youngsters, under-represented groups such as immigrants and refugees but also with adults in the local and regional community interested in furthering their education in a non-formal context. For the last 10 years, ELC has been closely collaborating in the areas of adult education with CEPER-7V which is the permanent network of adult education centres in our region.

Another important collaboration presently exists between ELC and a consortium of local authorities (Town Hall)- the Youth Information Office and the major Association of SMEs in our area. Being part of this network of private and public partnerships has allowed us to carry out multiple initiatives regarding environmental education, integration of underrepresented groups and the specific training in digital skills, languages and social inclusion. 



European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute (ESI), founded in 2010, and is non-profit organization which focuses on non-financial business supports, accelerates global, innovation-based impact entrepreneurship. We aim to create the most favorable conditions for the creation, development, growth and expansion of social businesses in Lithuania and thus contribute to the overall economic growth. We want business decisions to have a positive impact on the society and communities in which we live and operate!

Our goal is to contribute to global positive impact by promoting a sustainable business environment, the emergence of new businesses, job creation, the development of innovation, and overall economic growth through training, consulting and mentoring programs.

Since 2010 The European Social Entrepreneurship And Innovative Studies Institute provides the highest quality training, consulting and non-financial support services to private and public organizations, as well as representatives of academic and public sector institutions and institutions, as well as participates in the implementation of EU-funded projects. What’s more, the ever-growing international community of social innovators # ChangeMakers’ON is successfully developing its activities in the annual #hakathons and #boostcamps. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate!

People Help the People

People Help the People is an Italian non-profit organization that seeks to achieve social solidarity by marrying in full the whole concept of “human integration” in the world, with particular reference to Europe and Mediterranean area, through the promotion of human person and recovery, preservation, and enhancement of historic, cultural and environmental heritage, integrated into an overall sustainable development. The aim of People Help the People is to create opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the EU countries and the Mediterranean, weaving a dense network of intercultural exchange that allows to export best practices from one country to other, in pursuit of greater integration between peoples. Integration that represents not only an increase in terms of purely human but also a lever for economic development and social redemption.

All activities of the Association are directed to the achievement of the goals of social solidarity and cultural promotion, actions and activities aimed primarily at disadvantaged or under conditions of social vulnerability, in the fields of education, health, social services, environmental protection, with the involvement of public authorities (European Union, Countries of the Mediterranean basin, Italian Regions and Municipalities) and private entities.

EVS accredited: SVE 2018-1-IT03-k110-014523

Afyonkarahisar Provincial National Education Directorate (Türkiye)

Afyonkarahisar Provincial National Education Directorate (Türkiye) is a public institution which arranges and supervises all educational within the province. Our institution is like an umbrella and responsible for kindergartens, pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational and non-formal education, adult education at Public Education Centers in local scope. Also, the Directorate organizes social, cultural and sports courses and activities for students, the young and adults. 

The directorate oversees the management, organization, inspection, scheduling, development and the financing of education related events at a local level.


This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union